What We Do

Our organization is proud of the success we and the companies we represent have had in Virginia, but take even greater pride in the service we provide to the owners, specifiers, mechanical contractors and plumbing wholesalers we serve.

Lesemann Inc. has served the commercial and industrial plumbing specification market in Virginia for over four decades. Founded by W.G. Lesemann Sr. in 1954, the company has a strong history with companies we represent and the specifying community. The company’s primary focus is to develop strong relationships with owners, architects and engineers, and provide them with the best products and information they would need to insure their requirements and design standards are met. Our specification efforts also rely on the support of our wholesalers and mechanical contractors. To build on these relationships and instill confidence in our agency and the principals we represent, we are always immediately available for after the sale support and job site visitations.

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